Services & Rates

A sample edit of your first 500 words is always free of charge.

A single pass of a query letter is also free.

20% discount for members of the military, veterans, and their families.

Return clients get 20% off (e.g., get a reader’s report now and take 20% off a developmental edit later).

Referrals for each full edit earn 10% off. Refer 10 writers and get a full edit for free!

Full Manuscript Services:

Developmental Edit – Plot, pacing, character development, narrative arc, and other big-picture stuff. This type of edit is detailed and focused. It is for a MS that has been beta-ed and/or seriously edited by the author. Track Changes will be used. An edit letter may also be included, depending on the type of notes needed.

Reader’s Report – A detailed critique for a low fee. I’ll read through your story at least twice and write up a letter outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your MS. It is a general edit and your copy will not be marked up.

Basic Copy Edit – Spelling, grammar, cliches, repetition. For authors who want their story to be as polished as possible for the competitive arena of submission or self-publishing.

*Rates for works in need of heavy line-editing will be higher. If extensive proofreading is required, I usually suggest an edit block (see below) to bring the MS up to industry standards.

Partial Manuscript Services:

First 10 pages + 2nd pass of query – An in-depth evaluation of the all-important opening. I will go over your pages to make sure they are clean, polished, and enticing. $50.

Query helpFree feedback on your first query. Second pass is $20. Act as if I am an agent you are querying. Write your query in the body of the email and include the line ‘Queries are awesome.’

Edit blocks – Not sure what kind of editing you need? Maybe you’re struggling with a particular section, or other parts of the writing process. Get feedback on a chapter or two to help you figure out what to do next. $30 per 10 pages. 2 for $25/each. 4 or more are $20 each.

Want partial feedback on more than 20k words? Inquire for rates at sueseabury[at]

All quotes are valid for 1 year. If you make significant changes to your MS, please  inquire again. It might mean a lower rate.

Please include the following information with your request:

  • The type of service you’re looking (this can also be what you struggle with, what you would like to focus on, etc.)
  • Genre
  • Query/summary/synopsis (1 page or less)
  • The first 500 words and/or query in the body of the email. Please do not send any attachments until we agree on a service.
  • Send your materials to sueseabury[at]

My preference is for realistic fiction and I adore comedy, but I’m open to a variety of genres, including non-fiction. I also have editor friends I could potentially refer you to if the fit isn’t right.

How I calculate rates:

While rates are based on those listed by the Editorial Freelancers Association, many factors enter into consideration. I do my best to keep my quotes under $1000, especially when it’s a project I really connect with. I make an educated guess based on how long I think the project will take and I will not surprise you with unexpected fees. I believe this system is more fair than a one-size-fits-all flat hourly rate.

Still not sure what service is right for you? Just ask. I’m friendly and there’s never any obligation with the free sample edit.

Payment accepted via Paypal: sueseabury[at]

I’m also willing to barter. If you have a website or newsletter that gets a lot of writer traffic, I am open to negotiating my fee in exchange for advertising space.