Copy of Yolo-3YOLO stands for You Only Live Once.

Forty-something Katherine Dixon devoted the first half of her life taking care of everyone except herself. Determined the next half will be different, she’s looking forward to some serious R&R at the dreamiest resort in Puerto Rico.
One R that is certainly not on her list is Romance. Twenty years of caring for a selfish ex was more than enough. She’s taking a break from men, possibly a permanent one. Kat isn’t prepared for the resort owner to be so dreamy, or so naked. Maybe some experiences are worth trying twice.
For Hugo Diaz, YOLO means You Only Love Once, and once was more than enough. All he wants is for The Retreat to be a success. With his backer threatening to pull the loan, Hugo doesn’t need any distractions, particularly of the romantic stripe. Of all the resorts in Puerto Rico, why did she have to walk into his?

Now available at Amazon.

Sue enjoys writing, reading, dark chocolate and her kids, although not always in that order. For some reasonshe lives near Baltimore, where she divides her time between her desk and the kitchen.

East      BiteMe2350      SLcover






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