Paying it Forward

I took a longer break from posting than I expected or wanted to while I was figuring out more about this work stuff. Having determined the best job for me will be online since office work will not be flexible enough for my family, the next step became to figure out what I should do. … Continue reading Paying it Forward


This is not a blog about gallbladders.

I hope you aren't disappointed, but just in case it feels like a bait-and-switch, I promise to include some exciting gallbladder-related info at the end. Recently, my Darling Husband aka Prince Charming Pants aka PCP informed me that I needed to "start pulling my weight around here." It seems raising children (including homeschooling), managing a … Continue reading This is not a blog about gallbladders.

Book review: Standard Deviation

A poignant,¬†bittersweet examination of marriage, infidelity, and origami, this story is by turns hilarious and heartbreaking. Audra is everything Graham Cavanaugh's first wife wasn't: warm, outgoing, and spontaneous. Audra's only flaw is that she doesn't have an off switch, and talks to anyone and everyone about the most inappropriate topics imaginable. While charming and undeniably … Continue reading Book review: Standard Deviation