Forget Fantasy Football. The hot new game is Fantasy Travel.

The best thing about being a writer is you get to make stuff up. All. The. Time.

I think it’s the only thing that keeps me from running away from Boringsburb.

One of my friends recently completed an eight-week, round-the-world journey with her kids. I am so jealous. I’d love to do it, minus the kids.

Don’t get on my case about this. My kids are the light of my life, etc., etc. It’s just . . . toilets. And unfamiliar food. And jet lag. And me having to be responsible for more luggage than I have hands for. As they say in New York, fuggetaboutit.

Because I had approximately zero original ideas for this month’s post, I combined her awe-inspiring trip with my talent for inventing stuff, and came up my dream journey.

So last week, I whipped up this amazing post with the most gorgeous pictures because everyone knows pictures make blog posts a million times better, plus with a picture being worth a thousand words, I wrote, like, 8,000 words in a half hour. Personal best.

But then I found out it’s a teensy bit illegal to use pictures without express permission, and tracking down all those people is too much like work. So here are my renditions of those photos. Reading is all about using your imagination, so crank yours up.

The journey begins on Mackinac Island, Michigan. It’s special because no motorized transportation is allowed.


Next, a quick stop in Washington state at Bainbridge Island to visit a zen garden.*


*This is actually in my back yard. As you can see, I’m going more for ‘jardin sauvage’ rather than ‘well-tended’.

Then on to Alaska for some nature encounters.**


**No mammals were hurt in the taking of this photo.

And of course all the natural beauty.^


^This is not Alaska. It’s Colorado, or some other place I’ve actually been.

A short hop to Kyoto, Japan for more zen gardens.#


#This is a modified photo of the same Buddha in my garden during a better-tended time period.

Gotta hit the Great Wall while I’m in an Asian mood.##DSCF9303.JPG

## Not quite to scale. Note the exercise ball coming to knock it down like Ghengis Khan.

Then on to Lake Tasman to check two items off the list: Southern Hemisphere and icebergs. I could see those in Alaska, but it’s more exciting to find them in an unexpected place. Who knew there were icebergs in New Zealand?


Next up is Cappadocia, Turkey. Something unearthly yet compelling about these rock dwellings.*#*


*#*This is some sand at the last beach we went to. I told you you’d have to use your imagination. Or just google ‘Cappadocia’.

Then it’s on to a place I never get tired of, Europe.

It’d be easy to get stuck in Italy. Just working my way through the gelato menu could take weeks. But I love France so much, I’ll have to find the strength to tear myself away.%DSCF9301.JPG

%This is two stalks of lavender. I have had no luck growing it. Your imagination should be quite fired up by now, so just keep the motor running and multiply this by a couple million, and then place the in neat rows and you’ll get what I’m going for.

Another country I can never get enough of is England. Bring on the tea, crumpets and a whole passel of great friends, including the world’s most charming sheep.


Finally, a quick stop in the arctic circle to see the northern lights%%.


%%This is a real rainbow outside my house.

By now I bet you’re wondering, with so much great stuff at my doorstep, why I need to do a tour at all. Great question. If I come up with an answer, I’ll post it.

In the meantime, me and my imagination have work to do making the living room clutter appear invisible.

Where will your imaginary journey take you?