This is not a blog about gallbladders.

I hope you aren't disappointed, but just in case it feels like a bait-and-switch, I promise to include some exciting gallbladder-related info at the end. Recently, my Darling Husband aka Prince Charming Pants aka PCP informed me that I needed to "start pulling my weight around here." It seems raising children (including homeschooling), managing a … Continue reading This is not a blog about gallbladders.


Book review: A Gentleman in Moscow

If you're going to be sentenced to house arrest, you could do worse than a luxury hotel. Of course, your perspective might be a little different if you're an aristocrat used to a certain way of life, but the indomitable Count Alexander Rostov takes it all in stride, even his tiny garret bedroom (which he … Continue reading Book review: A Gentleman in Moscow

Book review: Standard Deviation

A poignant, bittersweet examination of marriage, infidelity, and origami, this story is by turns hilarious and heartbreaking. Audra is everything Graham Cavanaugh's first wife wasn't: warm, outgoing, and spontaneous. Audra's only flaw is that she doesn't have an off switch, and talks to anyone and everyone about the most inappropriate topics imaginable. While charming and undeniably … Continue reading Book review: Standard Deviation